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The beauty of Meghalaya, in the " Abode of Clouds", is not known to many in our country. Nomadic souls travel to the 'Angel Falls' but are unaware about the beauty of Nohkalikai Falls (Highest Plunge in India 1,115 ft ).People travel to Kenyan Safari but have never explored the thrill of being chased by a One Horned Rhino in Kaziranga, Assam ( UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE ) or finding the den of a Snow Leopard in Namdapha National Park ( Arunachal Pradesh ).

Northeast is one of the Biological Hot-spots in the World and is considered to be the wettest region on our Planet. Here, you can experience the sublime beauty of more than 850 species of wild orchids, ride the Yak on the snowy slopes of Himalaya, scale the Sela Pass ( 13700 ft ) or pray to Lord Buddha in the second biggest Monastery of the World, Tawang.. WOWNORTHEAST offers the opportunity to trek to the virgin locations of North East and dine in the habitats of Loktak lake ( Manipur ). You can leisurely dance in the Horn-bill Festival with the headhunters of Nagaland, sipping the local traditional wine which can challenge the best Vineyards of Italy. For the Brave-hearts, they can explore the mysterious caves which are more than 30,000 meters of surprises originated in the ‘ Meghalayan Age’.

We have attempted to showcase the real beauty of nature by offering amazing tours to the Eastern part of Himalaya. We invite tourists from different parts of the world to come and explore the virgin paradise and enjoy their Holidays in the lap of nature. River cruises in the Mighty Brahmaputra will undoubtedly add to the romance with your love during sunset.We are ‘Northeast Specialist' and our local knowledge will ensure the best service in this Region. Our endeavor is to simplify your travel requirements on your journey to unravel this unexplored paradise.
Welcome to Northeast.